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ENGL 110 (Sybil Priebe's Class)

What To Think About

1. Brainstorm and Prewrite:

  • When you brainstorm your topic/interview questions remember to think about what you want to learn. 
  • Create a brainstorm cloud. Your thoughts and inquiries can become your research.
  • If you ask interesting questions you'll get interesting answers. 

2.  Write Up First Draft After Interviews:

  • Think about the answers that you received. 
  • Decided which answers made you think. 
  • Take a look at the interview answers and think about them in relation to yourself. Is there anything there that you want to think or learn about?
    • Example: You interviewed an immigrant to America. They mentioned the idea of the "American Dream". Find a source that considers the "American Dream" and if achieving that dream makes people happy.