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Health Information Technician

Why Cite?

Why do your instructors ask you to cite the sources you utilize while writing a paper or presentation?

  • Recognition. Using a widely recognized citation style format means anyone who sees your work will understand the formatting and be able to easily identify the materials to which you are referring.

  • Plagiarism. The proper use of citations reduces the risk of getting a failing grade or even being expelled due to plagiarism. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Convenience. Using a common citation style format makes your life and your instructor's life easier. Having guidelines to follow makes it a breeze to cite and reduces confusion for your instructor when looking for the items cited.  

  • Building. Almost all research is built on previous work. Every project that you start by looking at previous topical research helps you to build new conclusions and ideas. Citing the sources you use creates a log of what you discovered from previous research and allows you to build new research in the future.