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AGRI 291


This is an example of a slide that a student might present to a class during a speech on the evidence of agriculture during the British Neolithic Age. Notice that on the PowerPoint slide a graph is included. Below the graph is the citation in APA format referencing the graph's origin. If the information in this graph is presented to an audience, the presenter would mention the graph's authors in their presentation. For example, the presenter might say the following:

" Stevens and Fuller present evidence that widespread agriculture within the later Neolithic age is unproven as shown in the graphs on the screen."

The presenter uses the last names of the two author's of this graph to give credit to their research. If the presenter shows an image or a chart created by a company or organization like MiracleGro, he or she will still attribute the creator, but instead of using an author's name, he or she will use the company's name.  

When summarizing ideas that are not your own, include a brief citation at the bottom of the slide. In the example above, the ideas that Phillips et al. are summarized. The bottom of the slide uses the APA in text citation format to cite the research. When discussing this slide in a presentation, you could say something like:

"Phillips and his co-authors believe that the no-tillage crop system virturally eliminates soil erosion."