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AGRI 291

Crediting Sources

When to credit a source during a presentation: 

  • Always credit a source that you quote directly
  • Always credit a source where you pull numbers or statistics
  • Always credit the source of an image to which you refer

How to verbally credit a source during a presentation:

  • Use the name of the author or organization that created the information presented in a sentence of the presentation
  • If no author or organization is present, say the title of the work being cited
  • Make the information you are presenting flow in a conversational way


A presentation should include the following to properly give credit to a creator:

  1. A written citation on the visual portion of the presentation. Most often students use PowerPoint slides during a presentation. If an image or graph created by another person is used on a slide, that image must be cited with a full or brief APA citation (depending on what the instructor requires) . If a slide includes the words or ideas of another person, a brief in-text citation should be written. Please see the APA Guide for examples on how to do this portion. 
  2. A verbal credit to the author of the image, graph, idea or text. Treat verbal credit in a conversational way so your flow is not interrupted.
  3. Most of the time, an instructor will require a written bibliography of all referenced materials (in addition to the brief citation) to be submitted before a presentation in order for the instructor to understand where the information being cited originates.