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Doing Research with MJL Resources

Clue #2: Databases

Clue #2: Databases


1.) Find Popular Resources located on the library’s Resources page.

2.) Each of the library’s ten Popular Resources is also included on the library’s complete list of databases: Electronic Resources A-Z (a.k.a. A-Z Databases).

3.) For each of the ten Popular Resources, use the first letter in the name of the database to determine the number of databases available for that specific letter on the Electronic Resources A-Z List.

Hint: The letter “A” is the first letter in the name of two of the ten databases listed under Popular Resources. When you refer to the Electronic Resources A-Z List, you will see that there are 12 databases listed under the letter “A”. 

12+12 = 24

4.) Determine the number of databases available for each of the first letters in the names of the eight remaining databases.

5.) Add those eight numbers together.

6.) Your final answer:

 24 + (your total for step #5) = ________

Time limit: 10 min.