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Doing Research with MJL Resources

ESCAPE ROOM: Start Here!


  • Begin the ESCAPE ROOM challenge HERE (on the ESCAPE ROOM tab of the Doing Research with MJL Resources LibGuide) by reading clues #1- #4 and solving the corresponding puzzles. The clues & puzzle solutions are required to answer the ESCAPE ROOM questions you will  encounter after launching the room.
  • You will need to have pen/paper and your phone available for this activity. Some of the clues/puzzle solutions will require the use of these items.
  • After gathering clues/puzzle solutions using this guide, launch the ESCAPE ROOM by clicking on the black button located at the top of this page. After launching the room, read the instructions provided there, then click the  BEGIN button and make your escape!
  • Good luck! Have fun!
  • Time limit: 40 min.
  • Tip: The timer starts when you click the BEGIN button (after the room has been launched). Allow no more than 10 minutes per clue/question.