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Doing Research with MJL Resources

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Scholarly Journals

Peer-reviewed articles go through rigorous screening before being published in a peer-reviewed (aka scholarly) journal.

  • Experts or professionals conduct a study.
  • They write an article about their study.
  • They send a draft of the article to the journal editor. The journal editor sends the article to other experts in the field (peers of the authors) for review prior to publishing. Experts verify that the data collection & analysis were valid and that the conclusions are logical. They suggest revisions.
  • The journal editor returns the draft article to the original experts or professionals for revision. 
  • The article is published.

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

1.) Type your topic in the search box to the right of "Anywhere in the record" on the library's "Resources" page.


2.) On the right side of the results page, under "Tweak your results", narrow your search results by setting parameters for the article publication date.  On the right side of the page, scroll down the page to the "Creation Date" filter.  Enter "From" and "To" dates. For example: "2018 - 2023", five years prior to the current year.  Click on "REFINE".

3.) Your search results will include peer-reviewed, recently published, scholarly journal articles on your specific topic!

NOTE: Unless deselected (by ticking the box), "Peer-reviewed Journals" are selected by default and are included in your search results.


Peer Review in 3 Minutes

What does a scholarly article look like?

Scholarly Journal Image