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CINAHL Complete

Click on the image below to access CINAHL Complete.

How to Limit Your Search

Before typing any search terms into CINAHL's search box, save yourself time by limiting what types of results are returned. CINAHL provides users with a number of advanced search limiters that, if chosen before the search, can ensure your search results will better correspond to the situation related to your query. For example, if you choose to limit a search by selecting "Female" under "Sex" your results will be limited to studies with a female subject. This will increase the specificity of your search results. 

To start, click on the CINAHL logo above. 

At the top of the CINAHL search page is a search box and search options.  

CINAHL Advanced Search Button

Click the Advanced Search link next to Search Options to see all the limiter options available in the CINAHL database.


This image highlights some of the many useful limiters available. Checking "Full Text", for example, will only return articles that you can read, print, or save in their entirety. If "Full Text" is left unchecked, the results will include all full text articles and also abstracts to other articles that cannot be read in the database.  

Taking the time to use limiters before attempting a search can ensure more tailored search results and save time overall.  

CINAHL Subject Headings

Each article in CINAHL is assigned MeSH (medical) subject headings associated with its major topic areas. These headings use specific terminology so searching can sometimes feel complicated when trying to align search terms with subject headings.You will yield the best results when searching CINAHL by using these subject headings. The great news is CINAHL makes it easy to find the associated MeSH subject headings for anything you want to search by using your keywords. You do not need to be an expert to do this! Click on the link to "CINAHL Headings" on the ribbon on the top of the CINAHL home search page.

CINAHL ribbon

By searching your keyword in this new search box, you can gather the best subject headings (including notes on each term's scope) to search in CINAHL.